South West will be presenting during the next CNIC event: “Exploring the Canadian Isotope Ecosystem”, Wednesday, July 14

South West will be presenting during the next CNIC event: “Exploring the Canadian Isotope Ecosystem”, Wednesday, July 14

Join CNIC partners and South West Exposures to explore in depth some of the critical companies changing the landscape of medical isotope production in Canada and their impact on improving patient care around the world.

Shaun Rhamdany (SWE co-founder and nuclear pharmacy advisor) will be presenting SWE type A packaging products role in the growing Canadian isotopes supply chain.

WHEN: Wednesday, July 14, 2021, 11 am

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South West Exposures signs a distribution agreement with Gamma Gurus

South West Exposures signs a distribution agreement with Gamma Gurus

Toronto, Sydney, July 2 nd 2020

South West Exposures (Toronto, Canada) and Gamma Gurus (Sydney, Australia) have entered into a
distribution agreement to bring South West Exposures’ (SWE) technologies into Australia and New-
Zealand, including its break-through Theranostic products.

“SWE is committed to developing products and solutions for SPECT, PET and Theranostic applications.
We are excited to partner with Gamma Gurus in Australia and New Zealand. Working with Gamma
Gurus creates an opportunity to introduce SWE products into an advanced Theranostic market-place,
through an established and trusted resource. SWE design principles are founded on 3 pillars; Safety,
Regulatory compliance and Innovation. Our team’s industry specific expertise aims to harmonizes these
pillars in designs that consider end user processes and experience.”

  • Robert Kamen, President of SWE
    “As a company with involvement in the Australian and New Zealand Nuclear Medicine that dates back
    several decades, Gamma Gurus are very pleased to have partnered with South West Exposures (SWE) to
    bring their high quality and thoughtfully engineered shielding products to our market.  Having been
    designed by industry experts, SWE products combine exceptional shielding qualities with user
    friendliness and also have innovative features that suit a Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP)
  • Jason Beirne, Managing Guru
    About Gamma Gurus

Gamma Gurus are a Sydney based company supplying high quality medical devices and support services
to the Australian and New Zealand Nuclear Medicine, Radiation Oncology and Diagnostic Imaging
markets.  With decades of experience in these areas and a team of highly skilled staff, they specialise in
radiation shielding, detection and transport as well as devices for patient positioning and motion
About South West Exposures
South West Exposures is a unique manufacture of shielding solutions, dedicated to enhance the
distribution and handling of Theranostic agents, providing efficiency and protection to the healthcare
practitioner. Disruptive and customizable designs allow the safe transportation and administration of
various Theranostic agents, including high energy isotopes.

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South West Exposures
Robert Kamen, President,

Gamma Gurus
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