Theranostic & Bulk Vial Shields


  • 95% Tungsten
10 mL30 mL
Weight6.10 Kg (13.42 lbs)8.01 Kg (17.62 lbs)
Shielding Side (Pb equiv)0.886” (1.418”)0.882” (1.411”)
Top Shield (Pb equiv)0.826” (1.322”)0.882” (1.411”)
Bottom (Pb equiv)0.886” (1.418”)0.882” (1.411”)

Ga68 | Cu64 | F18

Theranostic Vial Shield

Designed to provide a continuum of radiation safety during radiopharmacy production processes from elution and compounding to dose dispensing.


  • Designed for optimum radiation protection during elution/compounding/dispensing activities
  • Patent pending grip mechanism improves handling and reduces extremity exposure
  • Compatible with all commercially available Ge68/Ga68 generators
  • Easily sanitized with 70% IPA or commonly used sanitizing agents
  • Designed with recessed septum opening to mitigate potential contamination of the septum, while allowing for efficient/effec- tive sanitation of the vial septum USP <797/895>
  • Injection port ensures ALARA while eluting/compounding/dispensing
  • Modular customizable design

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