Theranostic Syringe Shields


  • 95% Tungsten
10 cc Syringe Shield 1” Needle5 cc Syringe Shield 1” Needle
Weight4.94 Kg (10.87 lbs)4.52 Kg (9.94 lbs)
Shielding (Side)0.595” (0.952”)0.63” (0.378”)
Top Shield0.433” (0.693”)0.63” (0.693”)
Bottom Shield0.55” (0.88”)0.75” (1.2”)

Ga68 | Cu64 | F18 | I131

Theranostic Syringe Shield

Designed to provide a continuum of radiation safety and EHS during the transport and patient administration of Theranostic unit doses.


  • Ergonomic design opens/closes with 30 degree rotation
  • Modular design accommodates regular used syringes; 5cc, 10cc, 30cc, 60cc
  • Unit dose Type A package weights below 20 lbs (for 5cc & 10cc syringes)
  • Zip ties attachment points on syringe shields maintain secure chain of custody during transport
  • Patent pending grip, locks syringe in place without springs or screws
  • Flat-edge perimeter design prevents rolling
  • 3-piece design enhances radiation safety during assay and administration of Theranostic isotopes
    • Reattach hot and cold ends to return spent doses to Radiopharmacy

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