SPECT Vial Shields


  • 95% Tungsten
Tc 10 mL shield
Tc 30 mL shield
Weight1.13 Kg (2.49 lbs)2.04 Kg (4.49 lbs)
Shielding (Side)0.197” (0.315”)0.197” (0.315”)
Top Shield0.365” (0.584”)0.365” (0.584”)
Bottom Shield0.197” (0.315”)0.197” (0.315”)

Tc99m | I123

SPECT Tungsten Vial Shield

Designed to provide a continuum of radiation safety during SPECT Radiopharmacy production processes from elution and compounding to dose dispensing.

“The shielding was tested and we conclude that it is effective to block almost 100% radiations emitted by a source of 6.5 Ci Tc99m. At a distance of approximately 1” there was no reading.”

– RSO Kirkland, Quebec


  • Ergonomic design improves handling
  • Integrated injection port reduces extremity exposure
  • Magnetic cap allows for single handed, ergonomic access to and manipulation of injection port
  • Designed with recessed septum opening to mitigate potential contamination, while allowing for efficient/effective sanitation of the vial septum USP <797/895>
  • Easily sanitized with 70% IPA or commonly used sanitizing agents

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