About SWE

Company History

South West Exposures is a firm specializing in the design and fabrication of disruptive shielding technology.

It was founded by a select team of experts in radiopharmacy, radiation safety, technologist, and radiochemistry, collecting more than 50+ years of experience in the radiopharmaceutical industry.

With years of insights, research and collaboration, South West Exposures has now brought the revolutionary South West Shielding to market. South West Shielding is a proprietary design of customizable Theranostic, Nuclear Medicine and Molecular Imaging shielding solutions, which outperforms existing shielding devices by offering enhancements in key performance indices: radiation safety, package weight/size (EHS), transportation efficiencies and ROI.

Company Founders

Robert Kamen, (B.A. Economics, MRT (N))


Robert has more than 20 years clinical and academic expertise in Nuclear Medicine Technology, Radiation Safety and Business Administration.  He also served on numerous advisory boards for the CAMRT and CPSO. Robert was a Radiation Safety Specialist on the Emergency Decontamination Unit at UHN.

Shaun Ramdhany (B. Pharm)

Technical Advisor Radiopharmacy

Shaun has more than 20 years of experience, working in academic and industrial radiopharmacies (Cardinal Health, GE, Isologic Radiopharmaceuticals).
His expertise has been largely utilized in Canada, when he served ad president of CARS, and held different advisor position

Company Recognition and Affiliation

South West Exposures became a member of the University of Toronto H2i incubator in 2019. That same year, SWE was awarded the prestigious Ontario Center of Excellence Grant.

South West Exposures is a member of the Canadian Nuclear Isotope Council, an independent organization consisting of representatives from various levels within the Canadian health sector, nuclear industry and research bodies, convened specifically to advocate for our country’s role in the production of the world’s isotope supply.

For more information, consult: http://www.canadianisotopes.ca/


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