Type A Package


  • 100% Poly (methyl methacrylate)
Type A transport bag
Weight2.3 Kg (5 lbs)*
Outer Dimensions

Fabric Material
Ballistic Nylon Exterior
Metalized polyester insulation
Foam insert
Cross-linked Polyethylene foam inserts (XLPE)
* varies for a customized solution

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Type A transport bag

Customizable Type-A transport bag for regular and temperature-controlled shipment of radiopharmaceuticals


  • Dot 7A certified (SWE shields), and certification services for customized configuration.
  • Robust construction, made of ballistic grade nylon material.
  • Lightweight solution, ergonomic design (eg.: < 20 lbs combined with SWE unit dose shield).
  • Customizable foam inserts to accommodate any commercial shields.
  • Foam inserts made of Cross-linked polyethylene, resistant to water.
  • Thermal support:
    • Cool Shield: Built-in material, providing insulation from the atmospheric conditions
    • Thermal foam inserts for the use of additional temperature control components (eg: dry ice /cold gel-packs).